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Free updates for life, major and minor, for as long as you own the product.

Become an Independent Star Almanac Deputy Registrar by investing in this revolutionary program. There are trillions of unnamed stars in the vast universe, millions of stars that have been named and untold billions that have not. As an authorised deputy registrar of The Official Star Almanac, earn 100% on every sale. Yes, one hundred percent, plus you get unlimited free access to upload your star sales data to the long established Star Almanac Website

Before now, you had to pay a monthly fee to sell and upload your star naming sales. No more, just make this one-time investment in the software and you're on the on ramp to the income highway. No monthly payments or royalties of any kind. You print it, you click a single button to upload it when you have internet access and that's as hard as it gets. No one and we mean no one has software that does this. The public, before today, must visit a website to order and name a star... and then wait for delivery. Don't believe it? Do a Google search for Star Naming and visit some of the websites.

With The Star Almanac Software, go to the head of the line and name, print and publish their Star Naming Certificate while they wait. This is the Wow factor that no one else can offer.

When produced on a color laser printer or quality color inkjet, the output is simply stunning and will be treasured as a keepsake for years. Just use plain heavy white paper as the software prints its own designer background.

The full printable user guide will walk the owner of the program through every detail of its operation. Its simplicity and ease of use will become apparent. As with all our titles, we strive to make operation of the software as easy as possible with little or no learning curve.

Imagine the surprise on their face when they open the gift that shows you really care. What wouldn't be the perfect star naming occasion? Of course there are birthdays and Christmas. But naming a star can be for so much more! When a child is born, a star is named. Could there be a more fitting gift of a new life? Let's not forget anniversaries and weddings, either. A new life together and a star is re-born. Graduations are a natural too. We haven't even touched fund-raising events.

Perhaps no star name is as precious as one named for a loved one departed. Honour that memory by naming a special star in memoriam. A star named in memory glistens in the night sky and throughout eternity. Such a touching reminder. Such a fitting tribute. Whenever you gaze upon the night sky, you will know that somewhere out there a star shines just a little brighter because of your thoughtfulness. Let us prepare your memorial star naming with the dignity and respect it deserves.

Unlike the web edition, your customers do not have to wait. Hand them the finished product in minutes.

This is the Wow Factor of the software! Everytime you create and print a Star Almanac certificate, all the data required to recreate the entry is stored locally on your computer for future use. No internet connection is required at the time of print.

We maintain a website called StarAlmanac.com that already archives thousands of Star Naming certificates from online sales. By clicking on the button below when you DO have internet access, your star naming data will be uploaded and merged with the master online database.

WEEKLY we will download the merged data from our online database and create a unique, personalised webpage for each entry. This means YOUR customer will be able to browse to the website online, then search and display his very own webpage.

Once the star data from your local sales has been uploaded and merged, we create a webpage on our Star Almanac Website. It is free to you and your customers. SEO aware. No one else does this.
Click here to see a sample page.


  • Color Printer - Laser or quality inkjet

  • U.S. heavy, high quality, bright white plain paper

  • Microsoft Windows platform PC with approx 30 megs hard drive space

  • Internet connection to activate and periodic when uploading star sales data to master website, otherwise no connection is needed.


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