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Shipwreck Island



Shipwreck Island Software

Create a suitable-for-framing, old-world map of your ancestral island

Free updates for life, major and minor, for as long as you own the product.

This one-of-a-kind software will allow you to create suitable for framing, old-world style maps of that uncharted island with any surname. Will remind you of an old parchment treasure map. A truly unique personalised keepsake for any family or family member. Six features on the map can be personalised with family first names or surnames. Name the harbour, bay, mountains, cape, sea and island after any surname or first name. Get creative.

In full colour, and available in both English and grammatically correct Spanish, tap into both huge markets. There is a pent-up demand in the Hispanic market for personalised products. Fill that void, take advantage of that vacuum. Make money from Shipwreck Island Software today.

Pirate Ship

U.S. Letter ( 8 x 10 inches) and A4. The software will auto-determine the paper size of your default printer and adjust accordingly. A4 paper users will no longer have to try to centre text on a design made for U.S. Letter. Now we have included an A4 version just for you in both the printed and PDF versions of the output. A4 screen print preview too! Available to your clients as a printout or e-mailable PDF. What a fun, unusual gift.


  • High resolution printout on conventional U.S. Letter Size paper or A4 with 8 x 10 inch cutout (most popular frame size)
  • High resolution, 300 DPI PDF File Creation to email as attachment
  • English and Spanish - Big money in Hispanic personalised products.
  • Optional Dealer Tag Line: prints on right side, vertically of printout.
  • Full printed User Manual from PDF file
  • Live Update - Always have the latest version 24/7

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