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Sands of Time

Free updates for life, major and minor, for as long as you own the product.

The Sands of Time, an easy-to-use Windows program that produces a suitable-for-framing keepsake memento that commemorates people's birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days.


With just a few keystrokes, The Sands of Time prints a full-color listing of 25 events that happened throughout history on that day. With its huge database of 200+ events for every day of the year, you can produce printouts for employees, clients, or business colleagues, year after year, and each printout will be unique.

The Sands of Time produces a stunning, personalised printout of historical events that took place on that day.


  • Timeline of single day throughout history
  • Inject your event into timeline
  • Great Client Birthday Gift

Program Interface

lunar land program interface


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