The Study of You

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Biology, Astrology, Numerology, Dermatology, Zoology. In fact, there are about 282 ology's listed in the dictionary. How about the study of you? We call it Nameology. If your name is Bob, why not Bob-ology? How about Steve and Steve-ology, or Brad and Brad-ology? How about any name? We can it do it in English or Spanish.

Three suitable for framing backgrounds to appeal to any taste; this is truly a best seller in the making. If you do well with our flagship program, First Name Almanac, then this new software, Nameology, is a natural companion piece.

As you already know, everyone likes to see their name in print. That's why our name software is so popular. The appeal is no different, especially if their first name is a bit unusual or has a quirky spelling. We can do Jamal, Pedro, Quinn, Portia or any name your customers throw at you. Also, you may make the output pronunciation more pleasant sounding and natural by use of our Euphonic technology. Example: would you want Jamal-ology or Jamalogy? Pedro-ology or Pedrology, Rita-ology or Ritalogy? It's your choice when you use the check for ending vowel in the preferences box.

You can even do this: "Steve, The study of Steven," instead of "Steve, The study of Steve", We allow for nicknames and full versions of the first name for dramatic effect, or you may link the two. Another example would be Stan, The Study for Stan the Man. See where we're going? You can do all this and more in English or grammatically correct Spanish. That covers a ton of people. People who are your customers. U.S. Letter size and A4, naturally. Output to paper or PDF.. eMail-able too.


  • High resolution printout on conventional U.S. Letter Size paper or A4
  • High resolution, 300 DPI PDF File
  • High resolution but small size (most less than 950K) so easy to e-mail as attachment
  • Full printed User Manual from PDF file
  • Live Update - Always have the latest version 24/7

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