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I am still laughing. The whole 'mancave' phenomenon makes me laugh. The idea that a man needs to retreat to his own little corner of the world to have any peace and enjoyment is totally self imposed. So much for a man's home is his castle. But, I do recognise that many modern homo sapiens create a little, tucked away area in their home that is for men only. A club house—members only—a mancave. Males are funny creatures.

This software, Mancave Magazine, caters to that crowd or should I say tribe. I have some friends that have mancaves, and one of their great delights is all the stuff hanging on the walls in their dungeon. Posters, sports memorabilia, old license plates, pictures of their athletic prowess as a youth, photos of hot rods they used to own, well you get the idea. Why not give them something they really want? Their name on the cover of Mancave Magazine. Print it, frame it, hang it. Guaranteed it will be their greatest pride and joy. When their fellow cave dwellers see it, they will all grunt with approval. They'll want one too.


  • Choice of two cover art themes; Humanlike Harry and Neanderthal Nick.
  • High resolution printout on U.S. Letter Size paper or A4
  • High resolution, 300 DPI PDF File (most less than 850K) easy to email as attachment
  • Full printed User Manual from PDF file
  • Live Update - Always have the latest version 24/7

Main User Interface of Mancave Magazine

Main User Interface of Mancave Magazine


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