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Last Name Almanac

Last Name Almanac contains information on tens of thousands of family surnames, and with its exclusive phonetic matching, you actually have access to hundreds of thousands of surnames

So easy to use that a complete beginner will be able to master it almost immediately!
1. Type a name
2. Format and preview the document
3. Print


  • A proven money maker!
  • Tens of thousands of surnames
  • A Daitch-Mokotoff phonetic-matching algorithm provides access to hundreds of thousands of surnames by matching names with similar pronunciation but differences in spelling (for example, "Baney" and "Banie", or "Gary", "Garry" and "Garrie"). We are very proud of this feature, as it is exclusive to our last-name software, and it is especially useful in English-speaking countries, where many immigrants change their names to be more English-friendly.
  • The ability to preview the certificate with a variety of background images; Note: Last Name Almanac's background images do not print with the certificates, as they are provided for alignment and display purposes only. You can purchase paper with these pre-printed backgrounds at http://www.aanames.com
  • Supports paper size: letter, tabloid, A4
  • Three licensed ornate fonts add a "wow!" factor to the certificate's headline; you can also select any other fonts installed on your computer for the headline and body text of the certificate and select any size for these fonts, from ultra-tiny to "wow, is that big!"
  • A full-screen preview based on actual printer output
  • A thumbnail preview as you create the certificate
  • Move the document text up or down the page so that it prints exactly where you want it.
  • Full-color user manual printed on demand, as well as an online help version
  • Detailed step-by-step context-sensitive help
  • Licensing for three personally owned computers. Laptop and desktop, for instance.
  • Royalty-free - you keep all the profits, and you don't have to deal with franchise fees or territories

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