I Love My Pet



'I Love My Pet' Software

"No matter the breed, create a personalised presentation gift in seconds"

Free updates for life, major and minor, for as long as you own the product.

Imagine a program that caters to pet owners of any animal. If it's a pet and it walks, flies, swims or slithers, then we have a print for you. You have all seen the now classic bumper sticker that says " I Heart My Dog." This takes that concept to a whole new level.

The program produces a suitable for framing print with user-defined text on three lines. The name of the pet is prominently displayed in the center in an attractive outline font. The pet's name can be of any length, as the software will auto-shrink the line to fit. In fact, all text lines shrink/expand to fit the background graphic.

The text entries can be in any language as the program is language neutral; English, Spanish, French, German, or any other that uses the Latin alphabet. Examples are provided in the software as translated phrases for the top line of "I Love." Three unique background graphics are included, including one for dogs, one for cats, and one for any other animal. See the examples above.

This is the only pet program available that also memorialises deceased pets. The phrase, in English, reads, "In Loving Memory." Coupled with that, the first line could say, "I Miss."

There are literally thousands of possible text combinations for a truly unique presentation. Get creative and see what you can produce.


  • Font size automatically shrinks/expands
  • Presentation quality, 300 dpi print, appx 7 x 7 Inch graphic, centered on U.S. Letter or A4
  • Language Neutral. You type anything into the text box, it will work in any language.
  • True print preview in full color (colors not changeable to keep color scheme). True WYSIWYG
  • Print or High resolution, 300 DPI PDF (most less than 350K) in both U.S. Letter and A4.
  • Actual Size appx: 7 x 7 Inches Centered on U.S. Letter or A4

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