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America, not unlike other countries is fast becoming more of a melting pot of cultures around the world. More immigrants, more refugees, more people at the border. It is not unusual in any city to see pockets of ethnic groups spring up. We have all seen Little Italy, Little Chinatown, and the likes. When these close knit communities cluster together, the family becomes very important. It takes on a more prominent role than in the rest of society. This is true of any affinity group. Christians, Hispanics, Italians, Filipinos, and the Irish, just to name a few. Family is everything. Pride in their heritage is everything. This new program, honors that tradition with a tribute to the family and ethnic origin.

Themes targeting English, Spanish, Irish Gaelic, Italian and Filipino cultures. All you need from your customer is the family surname and the first names of the family members. Plug those names into the software and preview, then print. Bam!

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Main User Interface of FAMILY BLUEPRINT


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