• Fake Parking Ticket

Fake Parking Ticket



Fake Parking Ticket

Personalised, photo-realistic fake parking ticket and envelope

Free updates for life, major and minor, for as long as you own the product.

We've all been there. In a crowded car park where there are seemingly no available spaces, there always seems to one idiot who has taken two slots for his precious car. It is so irritating that you could just scream. Guaranteed that everyone of your customers has had that experience too..

Sometimes you leave a note out of anger but now you can offer your customers a satisfying alternative: a photo-realistic parking ticket and envelope. It looks so real that it is guaranteed to stop the heart of the offender for a few seconds until he realises that it's all fake.

Fake parking ticket


  • Available as a printout or as an emailable PDF.
  • Personalised with the jurisdiction of your customer by state/province (all countries).
  • Personalised with the name of your customer to prevent "generic" copies.
  • Heart-stopingly photo realistic.
  • Separate ticket and orange envelope as a cutout.
  • User-defined fine amount
  • Supports all currencies with dollar, pound and euro sign as well as "other."
  • Print it out in 60 seconds and rake in the money. Yes, it's really that simple

It'll scare anyone! Everyday is April Fools Day

Optional Dealer Tag Line: prints on bottom margin

Full printed User Manual from PDF file

Live Update - Always have the latest version 24/7

High resolution printout on U.S. Letter Size paper or A4


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