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Creative I-Chart



Creative I-Chart

"A Personalised Approach to The Famous Snellen Eye Chart"

Free updates for life, major and minor, for as long as you own the product.

This software produces a suitable for framing, presentation quality, personalised Snellen Eye chart-like printout featuring any text up to 26 characters. It then creates the famous look and feel of the classic eye-chart you have known for generations. But because this is a personalised eye chart, we call it an "I" chart. I, as in me. When we say any text, we mean get creative! Use any person's full name, or say Happy Birthday or any verse or saying up to 26 characters: the number of letters in the alphabet. Works with any size paper automatically. Use standard U.S. Letter size or A4. Centers left / right and top /bottom. Uses plain, white, heavyweight paper.

The most common usage would be a person's full name including middle name. The more characters the better for maximum "I" appeal. Also try "Happy Birthday Name" as the phrase. Time to get creative and have fun with this. This software produces a full bleed, presentation quality "Creative I-Chart" gift document by print or PDF. Designed from the ground up to be simple and easy to use and edit.


  • Presentation quality, 300 dpi print, full bleed, edge to edge on U.S. Letter
  • Uses authentic Sloan letter font look-a-like to replicate the classic eye chart look and feel.
  • Uses the authentic optotype letters to "pad" any name or verse to 26 characters in length.
  • Language Neutral. You type anything into the text box, it will work.
  • True print preview in full color
  • Any name or verse up to 26 alphabetic characters in all caps like eye charts.
  • Editable 'Tag Line'. Say anything you wish here. Great for client gifts or anyone

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