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The Book of Me

My Page in the Book of Life

Free updates for life, major and minor, for as long as you own the product.

"It is said that when a person is born, their name is written into the Book of Life."

The  Book of Life is unique in the personalised gift industry. Literally, it has no peer.. not even something close. The best way to describe the printout it is to see it. Not simply a rehash of data, but a brand-new concept and narrative describing the recipient's place in history. We tried to give it the look of a page torn from the Book of Life, and we think we have succeeded.

Paragraph after paragraph of fun, interesting and guaranteed factually accurate data specific to person and birth date in time. No two printouts are the same. Your customers haven't seen ninety percent of this data before, so if you like The Birthday Chronicle, you are going to love The Book of Me

For more information download the PDF user Manual for free

The program requires, like many of our other titles, the recipient's first and last name and maiden name at birth if available along with optional nicknames. The software will break the first name into its component syllables, called syl·lab·i·ca·tion (yes, this is a real word). This give the printout a encyclopedic or dictionary look to the title. In other words, the printout is supposed to look like one page of millions. Their page in the Book of Life called The Book of Me.

We have exhaustively researched the data and the formulas to produce the output. When the printout shows your customers that the world population was a certain number on their birth date, that data comes straight from United Nations and world census data. The section on how old a person is in dog years is a formula from the American Veterinary Association, not some best guess. Fact after fact has been checked and doubled checked.

It appeals to young and old and the data is tailored to the age group. This product is not part of any bundle and is always sold separately.


  • Select religious holidays and theme. Choose from Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Secular. In today's world, this is a huge benefit when you target certain ethnic demographics.
  • Eight printable backgrounds. You may also choose not to print a background and use the great background art from All About Names, which you may already stock.
  • Size output from 100% down to a tiny 25% of original size. Auto centers on page regardless of size.
  • True print preview.
  • Extensive online help and printable help manual.
  • Portrait or Landscape output. Program flips background art to comport with orientation.
  • Fine tune and tweak each background art  selection for best fit.
  • Supports U.S. Letter size and A4. Self adjusts background art to fill page regardless of size.
  • PDF creation and ability to email results to client. Does NOT include printable background art due to size of email file attachment.  PDF are produce at 100% size so end-user can resize with free Acrobat Reader to fit their paper stock.
  • Substitute last paragraph in second column with own text up to 230 characters.

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