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Personalised, modern award certificates for any occasion

Free updates for life, major and minor, for as long as you own the product.

Awards are big business. Almost all award shops are really trophy shops. Physical trophies that are assembled from parts and engraved with the honoree's name.  These traditional brick and mortar trophy shops don't make presentation quality award certificates. This software does.

You can literally create a professional grade, suitable for framing, 300 dpi, photo-grade 8" x 10" JPG for any event. Father of the Year, Backseat Drivers License, Best Mom in the World, Emergency Responders Award, I could keep going but you get the idea. You or your customer choose the title..... Just get creative.


There are seven elements to consider in the certificate creation process:

  1. Year. At the top of the page is the year of presentation.

  2. Award Title. Your choice. What's the reason for the award?>

  3. Organization Presenting. Name of the company or organization sponsoring the award.

  4. Name. The name of the honoree without titles. Full name. Software will shrink to fit.

  5. Citation. Why is honoree be presented this award. Spell it out. First sentence should be honoree's title: Sergeant, Fire Fighter,  EMT, whatever is appropriate. Second sentence should be department or employer of honoree. See example. Next enter the citation: the reason for the award. Keep it brief. Suggest 250 characters max. You have complete control over font size.

  6. Signature Lines. Who's signing the award? You have left and right placeholders, two lines each. Use both left and right or just one. Signator's printed name and title on line two. Advise end-user to use photo-pen marker to sign the certificate if printed on photo paper (recommended)

  7. Optional seal. Choose from three (or none at all) that will print or physically affix your own after printing.


  • High resolution printout (U.S. Letter Size) with 8 x 10 inch cutout (most popular frame size)
  • High resolution, 300 DPI, U.S. Photo size, 8 x 10 inch. JPG files
  • High resolution but small size, most less than 800 KB. Easy to email as attachment or upload
  • Email the output with attached JPG for customer printing

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