Amazing Tarot Cards



Amazing Tarot Cards

Revealing Relationships, Work, Spirituality and Personal Growth

Free updates for life, major and minor, for as long as you own the product.

Creates a suitable for framing printout in A4 or U.S. Letter or A4 with an 8 x 10 inch cutout for popular photo frames. Print it or optionally email it as an Adobe PDF file attachment. Featuring an astonishingly accurate three card spread using the Rider-Waite deck, your customers will find it amazingly insightful.

Ability to focus attention to your choice of relationships, work, spirituality or personal growth. Only the recipient's (the querent) full name is required.

Tarot card readers are always in demand. Astound your customers and friends with an uplifting reading

Amazing Tarot Cards

Designed for both U.S. Letter ( 8 x 10 inches) and A4. The software will auto-determine the paper size of your printer and adjust accordingly. We have included an A4 version in both the printed and PDF versions of the output as well as an A4 screen print preview


  • High resolution printout in U.S. Letter Size paper or A4 with 8 x 10 inch cutout (most popular frame size)
  • High resolution 300 DPI PDF File Creation in U.S. Letter or A4
  • High resolution but small size Most files are less than 1 meg. Easy to email as attachment
  • Reshuffle the deck and change the outcome at anytime
  • Ability to exclude the Death and Devil Cards [they aren't really negative cards in context]
  • Select the area of focus: relationships, work, spirituality or personal growth
  • Always Cheerful and Positive Readings
  • Simple to use All you need is a full name, shuffle the deck and print it.
  • Become a Tarot Guru: Your friends and customers will absolutely love this.
  • Print or EmailThe output with attached PDF for customer printing
  • Optional Dealer Tag Line: prints on bottom margin
  • Full printed User Manual from PDF file
  • Live Update - Always have the latest version 24/7

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